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USS George Washington redelivered to the Navy after days of sea trials

USS George Washington redelivered to the Navy after days of sea trials
By Caitlyn Burchett
Daily Press

May 25, 2023 at 4:50 pm

The USS George Washington was redelivered Thursday to the Navy after spending six years at Newport News Shipbuilding.

The Washington was delivered following three days of sea trials. Sea trials test the carrier’s systems and operations system, and demonstrate all the carrier’s capabilities at sea.

“Getting our warship redelivered and back out to sea to take its place as the premier CVN (nuclear-powered aircraft carrier) in the world’s greatest Navy is a direct result of the tenacity and grit displayed by our warfighters,” said Capt. Brent Gaut, the Washington’s commanding officer.

The Washington has been at Newport News Shipbuilding since 2017 for its mid-life refueling and complex overhaul, a process that typically takes four years. The refueling and complex overhaul of an aircraft carrier is a multi-year project performed only once during a carrier’s 50-year service life that includes refueling the ship’s two nuclear reactors, as well as significant repairs, upgrades and modernization.

“George Washington has gone through a transformation and now returns to the fleet as a fully recapitalized ship, ready to support any mission and serve our nation for another 25 years,” said Todd West, a Newport News Shipbuilding vice president.

The Washington will shift homeports in the coming year, replacing the USS Ronald Reagan in Yokosuka, Japan.

Caitlyn Burchett,

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