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George H.W. Bush carrier strike group to return Sunday

George H.W. Bush carrier strike group to return Sunday
By Caitlyn Burchett
The Virginian-Pilot

Apr 21, 2023 at 10:24 am

The George H.W. Bush will return Sunday, as the carrier moors at Naval Station Norfolk following an eight-month deployment.

The flagship of the strike group, departed Norfolk on Aug. 10 for what was supposed to be a seven-month deployment. It was supported by Carrier Air Wing 7, Destroyer Squadron 26, the Information Warfare Commander, and the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf.

Near the end of the strike group’s deployment, the Bush was postured March 31 to bolster the capabilities of CENTCOM (U.S. Central Command) in the Middle East after a series of attacks in Syria, delaying the homecoming of around 5,000 sailors.

“Since taking command before deployment, I have had the privilege and honor to serve with the finest warriors, teachers, leaders, and ambassadors in the U.S. Navy,” said Capt. Dave Pollard, commanding officer of the Bush, in a press release. “Our Sailors serve our great nation honorably, exemplifying the service, grit, humility and resilience our namesake, President George Herbert Walker Bush, displayed throughout his life of service to family and country.”

While deployed, the strike group participated in NATO-led vigilance activity Neptune Strike and Juniper Oak 23-2, the largest bilateral U.S.-Israeli exercise in history.

The ship also hosted Top Gun star Tom Cruise, Hannah Waddingham of the Apple TV series Ted Lasso, and hit maker Blanco Brown.

Caitlyn Burchett,

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